What is HFS®?

HFS (Hybrid Fork Suspension is a progressive suspension system for motorbike front forks with action of two springs in serial, an air spring and an helicoidal spring.

System is developed for modern Trail and On-Road motorbikes, as well as for Classics Trial, Motocross and Speed Racing.

The result with HFS is a progressive behavior along all front fork suspension travel. Approximately in first half of fork travel it is soft, absorbing well track irregularities, getting harder progressively and having more resistance to suspension bottoming.

HFS is adjustable. Adjustment is done with applied pressure in air element. It is made depending on ride’s weight and/or kind of driving. Heavier riders will put more pressure and light riders may put less pressure. With this set-up, sag is achieved optimally, being able to use all fork suspension effectively.

System for Trial Classics is dual; in one leg it is fitted a progressive system with air element and in other leg it is fitted a spring system with the possibility to adjust the point where suspension starts to get harder.

HFS does not alter structurally original motorbike design as it is fitted directly inside stanchions. It does not alter fork hydraulic damping system.

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